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Skills Rocket Mobile App is the quickest, easiest option for young adults to learn and apply for Apprenticeships or Trainee opportunities from over 20 categories

Free hosting of your video, photos that bring your vacancy to life, including your written job description too!

Engage School leavers 16-19-year olds with your Apprenticeship career opportunity through the Skills Rocket Mobile app.

We have partnered with most of the High Schools and Colleges in Bedfordshire, they embraced the idea of a modern method of engaging with students in a modern way that simplifies the career, Apprenticeship or career selection process!

Employer features

  • Use photos of your office, team photos or two, your product or services, video & images within a job description bring your vacancy to life, visually engage young Adults for success in attracting the best young talent
  • Video interviewing – pre-screen assess, before a face to face interview, receiving answers to qualifying questions by audio or video will save you valuable time in your working day.



This is how the Registration page appears on the Skills Rocket App, it’s a quick 5-minute process capturing data that makes the connection of relevant connections between our 16 – 19 audience and employers as accurate and effective as possible.

Push notifications & email

Skills Rocket can send push notifications such as push notifications or emails of your career opportunity to relevant Skills Rocket subscribers who are interested in receiving information about your type of opportunity.

Choose a Career, this area of Skills Rocket is very informative, content updated & added on a regular basis, information about various apprenticeships, what they mean, the benefits, the qualifications explained from carefully selected videos and written content of successful apprenticeships. Currently 20+ industry sectors are covered.

  • Accounting
  • Architecture
  • Banking & Finance
  • Business Administration
  • Construction
  • Cyber security
  • Dental, Digital
  • Engineering
  • Estate Agency
  • Health & Social Care
  • Hospitality
  • Legal sector
  • Motor Vehicle Industry
  • Retail
  • Supply Chain etc

This section of the Skills Rocket hosts carefully selected videos such as a “A day in the Life” of a Construction Apprentice, the videos are also from trade & Industry Institutes whose content is provides is career orientated information to the young adult users of Skills Rocket written and visual facts & examples of what can be achieved from choosing a career from within their industry.

Video interviews – “Our video interview feature is embedded into the Skills Rocket”

As an employer you can receive video or audio recorded answers to qualifying questions by email, receiving these answers by to your inbox will eliminate the dreaded “No Show” interview.

Improve your decision-making process when considering to invite an applicant in for a face to face interview.

Share the recorded files with your colleagues so a more informed decision is made regards to who you interview from now on!

The Skills Rocket Job Board

Our Job Board will list your vacancy, it has search & filter functionality,

Candidates click and apply, their CV or their Skills Rocket registration details are emailed to your inbox, it’s that simple!

Support your written job description with video, photos making your vacancy more engaging.

Another way to look at this from a visual or photo/video perspective is to ask yourself this…”Would I try and sell anything a car, bicycle or anything at all online without a photo?……”   the answer is NO you wouldn’t, therefore from now on get better results from any recruitment advertising in the modern world is to use photos or video to engage with your audience regardless if your using skills rocket.  

Visually engaging Young Talent is the Key

Using photos of your workplace, team, products or services and much more is par of the pacakges we offer. Using images or video brings your vacancy to life, and engages young talent more so than a writtenn text job description……we include those too, but strongly advise that photos are the “Ice Breaker” when attracting young Talent. 

Employer registration info

Register here and we will be in touch within 24 hours to schedule a time to meet or discuss bringing your apprenticeship opportunity to life with a video job description, or we can add, host your text written job description. 

Choosing us to shoot our Video JobDescription One of our 16 – 19-year-old trained Presenters can drill down on the facts of your apprenticeship programme, or a member of your team can do this, the presentation will be edited into the content about your organisation and career opportunity completing a 2 – 3-minute video job description that you can also add the video to your website

Video Production

We script and record your video job description on site (we can film off site too), add testimonials, music, logos, effects and upload the completed production onto the Skills Rocket app for 16-19-year olds.

Interested candidates of your opportunity can apply directly with their profile or digital cv.

Video interview candidates save your valuable time, share interview recordings with colleagues

You can contact the candidate direct to meet them or instruct the candidate to video record their interview, this will save time and allow you to carry on your day and also share the recording with your work colleagues or peers before proceeding to a face to face interview, assessment day or whatever the next stage of your interview process.

Company profile 

  • Send us images of your workplace
     Include team photos, images of your products, services, equipment
  • Links to your website and social media channels
  • Statement from current young team members as well as senior staff such as Director
  • We will send you the Job Story template for written text of the vacancy or we can write it for you
  • Your Job story & images will engage young adults with your opportunity
  • Applicants can apply sending you their CV or profile with just one click after viewing your Job story
  • We can provide you with instructions that will give you the best results from a smart phone photos with limited effort

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